Day Programs

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and discover new possibilities in the communities they call home.  That’s why New Jersey MENTOR offers an array of engaging activities and supportive therapy in our structured day habilitative programs.  At our center-based day programs we serve individuals who live in Community Living Residences, Host Homes or with family members, and help each person become more independent. 

Individual Services and Support

Each individual’s day is uniquely structured so they can participate in the activities that are important to them.  Our modern locations provide areas for large group activities and private therapy rooms, where individuals can work on personalized goals. In our day programs, individuals receive specialized coaching and work on valuable life skills.  We include a variety of goal-driven activities, such as:

  • Reading
  • Arts & crafts
  • Physical fitness
  • Computer training
  • Community activities and outings
  • Meal preparation and cooking

Our staff take a hands-on approach.  We incorporate structured learning and fun activities to help individuals reach personal goals centered on developing skills including:  

  • Prevocational skills
  • Communication/socialization 
  • Behavior management
  • Sensory and mobility
  • Independent living skills
  • Personal safety

And since each person’s needs change over time, we revisit their goals and hold monthly self-advocacy meetings.  The individuals we support also have opportunities to enjoy life in the community, where they participate in meaningful activities while strengthening the fabric of their own neighborhood through part-time employment and volunteerism. 

The Value of Inclusion

In addition to traditional day program features, we also offer the Clubhouse Model. This means programs are run by members for members.  Individuals can choose to participate in the clubhouse by joining skill units, which include:

  • Community and Communication: Individuals create newsletters, conduct inventory of program supplies, and coordinate special events for peers.
  • Home and Gardening: Members contribute to home maintenance and gardening activities at the day programs while cultivating valuable life skills.
  • Kitchen Services: Members gain self-reliance by learning about nutrition, shopping, budgeting, and meal preparation.

Skill unit activities are personalized and supported by staff.  Everyone can participate. Members have the opportunity to enrich vocational and independent living skills while also contributing to their peers and communities as valued members of a team.