Second Chance

new jersey mentor youth servicesAll youth need positive role models.  Without supportive people to guide them and opportunities to see strong values in practice, some young people can lose their way.  They may end up facing the consequences of poor decisions or feel as if their actions don’t matter. 

At New Jersey MENTOR, we know that many youth just need a second chance to live a better life.  We believe that with the right support and specialized attention from caring adults, every young person can get back on track.  That’s why we developed Second Chance, a specialized program for at-risk youth and those involved with the juvenile justice system.

Because Everyone Needs a Mentor

new jersey mentor youth servicesEvery teen and young adult should have someone in their life they can count on and a home to call their own.  In our Second Chance program, we match youth who have complex behavioral challenges with dedicated foster parents who we call Mentors.  As caring role models, our Mentors invest in the teens they support and help steer them back towards the right path in life. 

With guidance and oversight from New Jersey MENTOR’s clinical team, Mentors help:

  • Minimize the risk that court-involved youth will re-offend
  • Ensure that youth appear at court and community service appointments
  • Protect youth from more restrictive placements

The Second Chance program combines specialized behavioral treatment, structure and supervision to increase each young person’s chance of living successfully in the community.  Together New Jersey MENTOR’s Clinical Coordinators, the teen’s family and the Mentor establish realistic goals and focus on rewarding positive behaviors.

Personalized Services

Using our personalized approach, we address each teen’s challenges and strive to alleviate stressful situations that can cause high-risk behaviors.  Our experienced clinical team, which includes a licensed psychologist, provides individualized services, including:

  • Group and individual counseling services
  • Creative arts therapy and other enriching activities
  • Psychiatric services
  • Community outings and adjustment services
  • Ongoing service planning
  • Education and family support to continue treatment at home

In addition to our specialized foster homes, Second Chance offers comprehensive treatment services in small group homes where youth can connect with their peers.  In this program, we offer 24-hour supervision with overnight Direct Support Professional staff to ensure the health and safety of every young person we serve.