New Jersey MENTOR Participates in 2014 Volunteer Day


Employees of New Jersey MENTOR and REM New Jersey (partners of The MENTOR Network, a national network of local health and human services providers) came together with their families and friends on Saturday, April 12th to participate in The Network’s 2nd Annual National Volunteer Day.  Nearly 130 employees cleaned up Broido Park in Willingboro, NJ after a hard winter. Volunteers raked leaves, cleared trails of sticks and debris, painted play structures and benches, and planted flowers throughout the park.

“It was a glorious day for NJ MENTOR/REM NJ to have the privilege to give back to the Willingboro community during our Network-wide Volunteer Event!” said Joanne Kirk, Operations Director at New Jersey Mentor.  “It is touching to work with this amazing group of people who not only show their commitment to individuals every single day, but also to the communities in which we live and work.”

Nearly 800 employees across The MENTOR Network volunteered in nine states on April 12th. Participants organized spring cleanups and painting projects at a Boys & Girls Club, therapeutic horse farm, community boathouse, battered women’s shelter and various parks across the country, while others boxed products at food banks and sorted donated items at The Salvation Army.

“I want to thank everyone who made our second national Volunteer Day a big success!” said Bruce Nardella, President and CEO of The MENTOR Network. “To have so many employees volunteer their time toward making a difference in the communities we serve, in addition to the work they do every day with the individuals we serve is inspiring and is the embodiment of The Network’s mission in action.”

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