Host Home Program

In our Host Home program—known to some in New Jersey as Community Care Residences—individuals live in private family homes with dedicated caregivers who we call Mentors.  We use the term "Mentor" because the people who open their homes to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities become so much more than just care providers.  They are advocates, teachers, friends, and family. 

Customized Support for Individual Needs

New Jersey MENTOR host homeOur Host Home program begins with a highly personalized matching process.  We carefully select our Mentors and ensure they have the skills needed to support the individuals we serve.  In partnership with our Mentors, the individuals, and their families we develop Individualized Habilitation Plans (IHPs)—also known as Essential Living Plans—and continually adjust service plans as individuals reach new goals or their needs change.

Personal Choice and Program Stability

Every individual in our Host Home program is actively involved in planning their daily routine and the services they need to be successful.  Our Host Home program includes: 

  • 24-hour support in family homes
  • Life skills development
  • Opportunities to participate in community activities and day programs
  • Advocacy services
  • Community integration
  • Family involvement and support
  • Medication management oversight
  • 24-hour on-call support for Mentors
  • Quality assurance

With a track record of success, New Jersey MENTOR’s Host Home program has changed the lives of hundreds of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities—giving them new opportunities to learn, grow and achieve their dreams.   

It’s all About Relationships

new jersey mentor host home client and mentorIn our Host Home program, the goal is not “making a placement”.  We focus on “making a match” between the individual and Mentor which provides the foundation for a lasting and enriching relationship.  These relationships—built in natural family settings—are what make our Host Home program a success.  

Backed by our clinical experts and experienced human services professionals, our Mentors provide individuals with personalized services and countless opportunities to take part in everyday activities of family life, such as: 

  • Learning new skills
  • Socializing with family and friends
  • Managing household chores
  • Discovering new hobbies
  • Improving independence
  • Participating in community events