Mentor Model

new jersey mentor host homeThe Mentor model goes back to the origins of The MENTOR Network in 1980. Founded on the belief that children and adolescents in state care would benefit from living in family homes with “Mentor” foster parents, the Mentor model has proven to be successful for more than 30 years.  In fact, the success of the model fueled the development of our innovative Host Home program for adults with developmental disabilities.

The key to any mentoring relationship—and the reason we refer to Host Home Providers as "Mentors"—is the close, one-on-one relationship that develops.

Whether between caregiver and patient, teacher and student, or, in our case, a Host Home Provider and an adult in need, we believe the mentoring relationship is central to helping people live life to the fullest.  The support, trust and stability our Mentor model provides are essential parts of how we help people shape the direction of their own lives in family home settings.

This is the basis of the Mentor model, but what ultimately makes it effective is the caring dedication of our Mentors.  For that reason, New Jersey MENTOR provides a range of professional support services to help our Mentors be the best Host Home Providers they can be.