We're Here for Families

Personal relationships, especially those with family and close friends, inform our values and interests, and help shape the direction of our lives.  That’s why we focus on helping the children and adults we support build and maintain relationships with the special people in their lives.

You're Part of our Team

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Whether you’re a parent, sibling, friend, guardian or other special person in the life of the individual we serve, you are an important part of our team.  As a caring member of your loved one’s circle of support, you play a vital role in helping him or her grow and thrive in our community-based programs.

Personalized Services

We’ll get to know you and your loved one to identify the right programs and services to help them be successful.  Working side by side, we’ll develop a personalized service plan that fits your loved one’s unique strengths, abilities and interests.  And because we offer a continuum of care and specialize in creating person-centered programs, we are able to support individuals of all ages and abilities. 

Our continuum of supports and community-based programs include:new jersey mentor 

In each of our programs we help individuals access the supports they need to live rich, meaningful lives in the community.  And because our programs are highly personalized, we encourage family members and friends to be actively involved—through visits, service planning meetings, special activities, holiday events and more.

Experience You Can Rely On

You can feel good knowing that our expert staff members—many whom have decades of human services experience—are with you every step of the way.  Whether you have questions about a particular service model, want to celebrate your loved one’s success, or just need someone to listen, you can rely on New Jersey MENTOR’s dedicated team.